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AUTOrecruit is a registered Private Employment Agency specialising in the recruitment of experienced staff for retail franchised motor dealers throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Most of our work is with franchised dealers, but we will happily handle any automotive industry associated business.

Geoff Fowler, Chris Fowler, Rowan Coe, Leo Simmons, Mara Nogarotto, Peta Tibbetts and Chenae Carey make up the team at AUTOrecruit.

AUTOrecruit was previously also known as Confidential Automotive Recruitment Services (CARS).


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Impact of payroll mistakes and long commutes

Providing specialist recruitment and human resource services for automotive related industries One in three organisations make monthly mistakes with payroll and the average Australian is now spending 4.5 hours per week in transit. Little things like thi

Remuneration Trends

With the new financial year now upon us and last year’s group certificates starting to make their way out to employees, now is often the time that requests for a remuneration increase are made. For some dealerships, they will take ownership of th

Using your job ad as a vetting tool

Recruitment can be a funny activity. You can advertise a particular role one month and receive hardly any applicants, yet you can advertise the same role the following month, change nothing and be inundated with people. We have seen this time and time

Person Specification Vs Job Description

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed the importance of a job description, why they are important, what they should cover and the benefits of having them in place within the organisation. By way of brief summary, a job description: Removes amb

Autorecruit update

Two weeks have gone by since our last update. I hoped to provide a weekly overview, but last week was too busy and this week has been more of the same! We have welcomed back Kelly Mclean, who has joined us in a permanent, part-time capacity. Kelly help


It has been a very busy week, as always, here at Autorecruit. Today we have said goodbye to Mara Nogarotto, who has been with Autorecruit since 2013. Mara assisted our clients and candidates in New South Wales and ACT with their recruitment needs and c

Capacity or Conduct

This is the final in our 3 part series on unfair dismissal, discussing the various triggers that may give rise to a sacked employee instigating a claim that their dismissal was harsh, unjust or unreasonable. Our newsletter in March gave an overview of

Employing international mechanical staff to combat the Australian skills shortage

In any resource-rich nation, it is commonplace for the large mining companies to pay extravagant wages, in order to fill their staffing needs. They have thousands of tonnes of product to move and if they have to pay someone $100,000 a year to drive a t


We have made a concerted effort over the last few months to uncover highly trained Mechanics / Technicians, who are looking to relocate to Australia. We have recently spoken with some fantastic applicants who have a wealth of experience with some of th

Remuneration Trends

With the new financial year now upon us and last year’s group certificates starting to make their way out to employees, now is often the time that requests for a remuneration increase are made. For some dealerships, they will take ownership of th


We are pleased to announce the addition of a new staff member to the Autorecruit team, with Jackie Vella joining us in the Brisbane office recently. Jackie is a Brisbane local and recently spent over 11 years with Brisbane Isuzu in Human Resources, Pay

Who do you need to impress more the customer or the employee

Obviously, we speak with a lot of candidates and we speak with a lot of clients. Today I have spoken with a Stock Controller considering making a change and a Sales Consultant who can’t stand their employer. I have also spoken with a Group Genera


We are pleased to announce the addition of a new staff member to the Autorecruit team, with Katrina Trentham joining us this month. Katrina is a Brisbane local and recently spent almost 10 years with the Sci-Fleet Group in their Human Resources team. K

Considering the level of appeal of your vacancy and adapting to overcome potential objections and bias

The best jobs to recruit for are square. What do I mean by square? Well they are equal in appeal in four key areas, being remuneration, location, brands and employer. A role that ticks all the boxes, will be a position that is quite marketable and shou

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We would like to thank our valued clients for a busy and enjoyable 2018. We have enjoyed working with you over the past year and hope that we can continue to be of assistance to you and the success of your business in 2019. Please note that our offices

Happy New Year

Our Brisbane office has re-opened and is ready to face the challenges that 2019 has to offer! We hope that you managed to enjoy yourself over the Christmas and New Year period and were actually able to have some time off and recharge your batteries! We

New Year New Career

‘New Year New Career’ is a term well used by employers and recruiters alike in job ads during the lead up to, and the aftermath of, the Christmas and New Year period. And there is a simple reason for this – it works. Many employees who have become dise

The importance of a Job Description

One of the common questions we ask when taking on a new role is whether or not a job description exists for the position. We would estimate that somewhere around 80% to 90% of dealerships DO NOT have up to date job descriptions (JD’s) in place. I

Finding the right company for you

Organisational culture is so important in job satisfaction. If you don’t feel welcome or that you don’t fit in, it can severely impact your ability to perform well and enjoy your work. Since we spend so many of our waking hours at work, it&

s talk salary

For some of us, talking about our salary expectations during an interview can be uncomfortable. Depending on your position and experience, your expectations need to be realistic. If your expectations are too high, you risk missing out on the opportunit

Career progression tips

Career progression comes in two forms, internal and external. Nobody wants to see their colleagues promoted ahead of them, and sometimes there are no opportunities for internal progression. The good news is that there are a few things you can work on f

Resume templates

If you’re in the market for a new job, you need to update your resume each time your circumstances change. This includes details such as address, phone numbers, email address and new job details. It’s important that we have a copy of your r

Boost your productivity at work

Every General Manager and Dealer Principal wants their team to reach and maintain maximum productivity. This task is delegated to the dealership’s Sales Managers, Service Managers – all department managers in fact. Regardless of your positi

Key words for your resume

Resumes typically use a lot of adjectives. The words you choose to describe yourself, your skills and your experience have a significant impact on the way your resume is interpreted so it’s important to select these words wisely. As recruiters, w

2014 SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards finalists

Earlier this week we received an email announcing that we have made it onto the shortlist for the 2014 SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards in the category of Excellence in Candidate Management. We take pride in the way that we take care of our candidates, a

Outstanding candidates

It is normally during the first meeting when an employer can tell you are an outstanding candidate with the charisma, drive and passion to really make a difference to their business. This is why outstanding candidates make a lasting first impression an

A year in review for AUTOrecruit

As Christmas approaches and the school holidays creep up on us, we start to reflect on the year that was two thousand and fourteen. 2014 was a huge year for AUTOrecruit as we continued to expand our customer base and improve our service. Some of the hi

Counter offers when resigning

For whatever reason, you make the decision that you’re ready for a new challenge, and you set out to secure a new role. Once you find something, you accept the offer and prepare to resign. You approach your boss with your letter of resignation in

Recruiting busting the myths

There’s lots of myths out there about recruitment. This article contains an info-graphic providing solutions for miscommunication between job seekers and employers, you can take a look at it here. We’ve also broken down some answers to FAQs


With a new year just around the corner, we all have an opportunity to start 2015 with a clean slate. With this in mind, we wanted to talk about inspiration; ideas to get us all geared up for a great 2015. Expectations If you always do what you’ve

Telling the boss the great debate

Searching for a new role and not sure whether to tell the boss? Unfortunately there’s not a stock standard answer to whether you should tell the boss or not, as it all depends on the relationship you have with them. Should I? We can only offer ba

Looking for work in the automotive industry

When a new candidate registers with us, there’s lots of information to take on and it can be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re not working and looking for your next opportunity or you’re just putting some feelers out to see what&#

Resume typos

Resume proof reading is essential. A resume is usually the first thing we see from a candidate and as recruiters, if we present a candidate to a client, the resume is the first thing they see. For us to represent you, your resume needs to be profession

Resignation vs termination

There is a wide variety of reasons to explain why someone might finish up with an employer. Whether the employer terminates the contract of employment or the employee resigns, there are lots of possible explanations. As recruiters, we need to understan

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Picture this… You walk into an interview feeling calm and confident. You breeze through the interview questions and you get along with the DP, GM or department manager really well. You’re feeling really good about it and right at the end of

Asking for a raise

Generally speaking, most people worry that asking for a raise will create more negative than positive results. This is so prevalent that many people would prefer to take another job than asking for a pay rise. Getting a pay rise feels great, but asking

Professional challenges with relocation

If you relocate for a new job and it doesn’t feel right straight away, don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world. If you don’t know anyone, and if you’re still learning the ropes with a new employer, you might feel out of

Your experience is your story

We can brand ourselves by telling stories about our experience. We can brand ourselves in our LinkedIn profiles, our resumes and verbally at job interviews and networking events. Stories are relatable and memorable, and they’re a great way to dem

What your boss loves to hear

Making a good impression with a new manager is just as important as keeping your current boss onside. There’s no need to brown-nose but you can always work on improving your relationship with your manager. We’ve stumbled across an article w

Not much interview experience

Not everyone has lots of interview experience under their belt. There are people out there in their 10th, 20th and even 30th year of employment who have never been formally interviewed. Every interview is different, but if you’re prepared for a f

Relocation tips

Securing a new role with the perfect fit is hard enough in your local market, so when you’re looking to relocate finding a new position in a new area can be tough. You face the added challenge of competing in a market that you aren’t famili

Resume mistakes to avoid

There’s so many resume templates and examples out there, it can be difficult to know what to do when it’s time to update yours. Some automotive candidates have never even needed a resume before. So if you’re creating or updating a res

t take shortcuts

Don’t take shortcuts, even when nobody is watching. The ripple effect of shortcuts can be profound, and could show up across multiple departments. If there are two ways to complete a task (an easy way and a correct way) it’s best to commit

Overcoming tough interviews

There are plenty of things that can go wrong in an interview. The good news is that there are tips and tricks that you can use to overcome a tough interview situation, and we’ve put together just a few to look at. The awkward answer The interview

Avoid these typos at all costs

There’s a handful of typos that we see all the time, and they make us cringe. The hard part is that none of the example will be picked up by spell check, as the alternative is still a real word. If you’re lucky Microsoft Word might pick up

The benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool when used correctly and regularly. It has loads of functions that support networking, endorsements and industry updates. LinkedIn allows you to interact on a professional level without getting involved in social media platforms

Asking for the salary you want

This article is all about the delicate balance between accepting what’s offered and asking for what you want. Salary is such an important factor when considering a new position. We all have our minimum expectations for a salary package, as it nee

Basic resume checklist

For this article we’re going back to basics. Too often, the basics are overlooked and it can be glaringly obvious. Ensure your CV follows this basic formula. Contact details Full name Address Phone Email Photo (optional) Please ensure that your e

Saying no in the workplace

Very few people consider the benefits of saying “no” in the workplace as it goes against everything we know. But just hear us out, and read on. It can be tempting to go into ‘yes mode‘ when you’re trying to get ahead at work, because you wa

Working with a recruiter

At AUTOrecruit, we have a team of Recruitment Consultants who work on a variety of roles. Roles we work on are for both AUTOrecruit (car dealerships), and TEAMrecruit (heavy vehicle dealerships), which keeps us quite busy. As a result, we work with man

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