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13 Time-Management Apps to Keep You On Track

Even if you e super organized, it can be a real challenge to keep up with everything going on at work and in your personal life. Digital reminders and even hand-scribbled notes can get you partway there, but sometimes its just not enough—and thats

Six Figure Remote Jobs an Amazon Job Scam to Avoid and More News

Find a Better Way to Work This week’s news roundup shows that you can make a comparable (or better!) salary working remotely (there are six-figure remote jobs out there!), alerts you about a new Amazon job scam to avoid, and offers tips on being able to

Can Your Business or Job Search Benefit from Planned Neglect

The concept of “planned neglect” can be a lifesaver—or at least a career saver. Here are some examples of how to practice planned neglect, whether you currently are self-employed, are engaged in a job search, or have a full-time position. The po

Which Is the Best Day to Work from Home

If your company is going to provide one day per week for telecommuting, which day is best? One might think Mondays or Fridays to allow employees to ease in or out of the workweek without battling the extra traffic on those days. But one company, Doximi

Common Cover Letter Mistakes New Job Seekers Make

Looking to get hired fast? While rushing through the process of submitting your application, make sure to avoid these common cover letter mistakes. The post

Musician Supports Career Goals with Remote Social Media Job

The subject of this weeks FlexJobs success story turned to remote work as a way to support his career goals as a musician. His remote social media job is helping him work toward establishing a separate career as a full-time musician. Heres how he fo

6 Essential Time-Management Skills

One of the most significant challenges telecommuters face when they start working on their own is how to best manage their time. Here are six essential time-management skills to develop as a remote worker. The post

18 Great Quotes About Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance involves a mixture of time management, commitment, and (most importantly) prioritization. As you go about determining what mixture of professional and personal activities offers the satisfaction you deserve, here are some quotes about

Fathers Day Deal on FlexJobs Up to 50 Off All New Subscriptions

Do you know any dads who are trying to find a new job? Or find better work flexibility? We have a great Father’s Day deal for you! The post

Wharton Professor Adam Grant Shares 3 Steps for Getting Better at Receiving Criticism

Sure, it’s easy to accept praise and positive words from your boss. But when it comes to receiving criticism, well, that can be a bitter professional pill to swallow. Heres how to get better at receiving criticism, according to Wharton professor Adam

10 Companies That Support Working Moms and Dads with Great Parental Leave

Looking for companies that support working dads and moms with things like paid parental leave? These 10 companies stand out in the flexible work policy department. The post

A Modest Proposal on How to Deal with a Long Commute

Looking to be "free at last" from having to deal with a long commute? Consider this modest proposal that just might help. The post

Did You Pay Taxes Over One-Third of Freelancers Didnt

The biggest surprise that came from recent research from Quickbooks Self-Employed is that 36% of self-employed workers—over a third of all respondents—admitted that they don’t pay taxes at all. Here are some of the reasons they gave. The post <

Tips for New College Grads Who Are Nervous About Landing a Job

Does the thought of securing your first “real” job put the same pit in your stomach as a calculus final? Employ these strategies for new college grads to reduce anxiety and start your career journey with confidence. The post

10 Great Flexible Jobs for Dads Hiring Now

Looking for a job that offers a little more flexibility? Start with this list of flexible jobs for dads offering remote and freelance opportunities. The post

10 Companies with Alternative Schedule Jobs

Want or need a job that lets you work beyond normal business hours? Check out these companies hiring now that offer alternative schedule jobs. The post

Self-Employed Women Face Larger Pay Gap Than Traditional Workers

A study just released by FreshBooks found that female freelancers and other self-employed women face an even larger gender pay gap than women who work for traditional employers. Here are some factors that the researchers identified may be contributing

Remote Work Success Tips Spotting Job Scams and More News

This week’s news roundup can help you with spotting job scams, becoming a successful remote worker, and keeping your finances flush—with flexible work! The post

How Remote Workers Can Stay Connected with Their Team

If you’re an employee who works from home or have been thinking about doing so, a challenge that often arises is how to stay connected with your colleagues and boss back in the office. Use these tips to cement bonds with off-site peers. The pos

4 Skills to Master for a Flexible Leadership Role

Wondering what sorts of traits and skills you need to excel in a leadership position and help your flexible team succeed? Here are four key skills to master. The post

5 Online Classes That Help You Get and Succeed at a Remote Job

Finding the right remote career opportunity takes time and patience. But did you know there are online classes that can help you get a remote job and that can train you to be more productive in the remote workforce? Check out these five online classes.

5 Body Language Habits You Should Ditch Before a Job Interview

Want to speak volumes to a hiring manager without saying a word? Pay attention to your body language. Heres how to ensure youre sending the right message. The post

Vermont Is Paying Remote Workers 10000 to Move There These 7 Companies Are Hiring

Remote workers wanted! Vermont is searching for new residents and its willing to pay you to move there and work remotely for an employer that is based outside of Vermont under the state’s “New Remote Worker Grant Program.” Here are the details and so

s Freelance Consulting Career

Telecommuting can sometimes be an isolating experience.This week, our FlexJobs success story is about a woman who found a way to avoid that sense of isolation by engaging with students as a remote tutor. Check out her story! The post

10 Flexible Jobs with a Six-Figure Salary

High-paying jobs that offer a six-figure salary aren necessarily easy to come by, but they are definitely out there for qualified professionals with just the right credentials. Check out these 10 hiring now! The post

8 Freelance Photography Jobs Hiring Right Now

Whether you’re looking to turn your freelance photography hobby into a career, or simply add it on as a side hustle, grab your camera and consider applying for these eight freelance photography jobs that are hiring right now! The post

Job Search Success 6 College Grads Who Found Work Through FlexJobs

Fresh out of college and looking for a new job? Get a little inspiration and check out these six success stories from FlexJobs members who found flexible work as college grads. The post

12 High-Paying Side Jobs You Can Do in Your Free Time

Are you looking to earn some extra money, gain experience in a new field or industry, fill some free time, or find a summer gig? Check out these high-paying side jobs hiring now! The post

How to Tell When a Job or Client Is a Bad Fit

Even when landing a new position or gig is your primary goal, certain opportunities are best rejected. Use these strategies to tell if a job or freelance client is a bad fit. The post

5 Things to Do When Your Boss Quits

It can come as a shock when your boss quits their job. But the last thing you want to do after your boss gives their two weeks’ notice is potentially put your own job at risk. Prime yourself for success by knowing these five things to do. The p

5 Tips to Have Recruiters Fighting for You to Land the Job

Contracted by a recruiter? Keep them on your side and fighting for you these five tips to have them fighting for you to land the job. The post

10 Best At-Home Nursing Jobs Hiring Now

Are there positions that allow nurses to work from home? Yes! Here are 10 recently posted at-home nursing jobs for nurses who want work remotely. The post

Best and Worst States for Working Moms

Every mom with kids at home has her hands full—and this is doubly true for those who work for an employer or clients on top of their demanding parenting job. See how your state stacks up against the rest based on WalletHub’s new report on "2018s Best

13 Ways to Make Money on the Side

Looking for a way to make a little extra cash without sacrificing work-life balance? Check out these 14 great ways to make money on the side! The post

12 Executive-Level Jobs for Telecommuters

Telecommuting jobs aren just for entry-level or mid-level employees. Just check out these 15 executive-level jobs for telecommuters. The post

Words and Phrases You Should Be Careful of Using at Work

Sometimes, a word or phrase can slip out that isn ideal to use in the workplace. Watch what you say at work by avoiding these not-safe-for-work words and phrases. The post

Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Get Out Early for Summer Fridays and More News

This week’s news roundup can help you find ways to save money via telecommuting and get off work early on summer Fridays. It also showcases the top companies hiring for remote jobs right now—Apple, anyone? The post

How to Land a Freelance Remote Job

You’ve looked at all of your options, and you’ve determined that a freelance, 100% telecommute position is at the very top of your list of dream jobs. So… now what? Use these seven steps to land a freelance, remote job. The post

6 People Share How Work Flexibility Helped Their Mental and Physical Health

One of the best ways to care for yourself is to obtain a work-from-home position that allows you flexibility. Check out these six stories of people who found better mental and physical health due to work flexibility. The post

Strategies for Staying Focused in Your Remote Job as the Weather Gets Warm

When sunny skies beckon a telecommuter to ditch the to-do list and head outside, it can take all the self-control one can muster to stay on track. Use these strategies for staying focused this summer. The post

Contest Have You Ever Been Laid Off or Do You Know Someone Who Has

Want the chance to win one of five FlexJobs 30-day memberships? Leave a comment on this blog post answering this question: Have you ever been laid off? The post

Why Flexible Jobs Help Cancer Patients and Survivors

June 3 is National Cancer Survivors Day, so we e taking a look at how flexible jobs can help cancer patients and survivors, as well as their families. The post

7 Signs Your Commute to Work Is Wearing You Down

Lost hours are more than just a waste of time when you commute to work. They may have a detrimental impact on your physical and emotional health, not to mention your productivity and your relationships. Here are some signs your commute may be wearing y

Remote Marketing Job Helps Woman Live and Travel in Europe While Maintaining a Career

Our success story this week, Katelyn, discovered how to maintain a career with a remote marketing job that travels with her. Heres how she found a job that allows her to live and travel in Europe. The post

Wharton Professor Adam Grant Explains How to Stay Motivated at Work

Maybe you’ve outgrown your job. Or quite possibly you were never really connected to your position in the first place. But the ability to stay motivated at work matters, since it affects everything from productivity to performance—even your overall hap

10 Diverse Freelance Jobs at Facebook Hiring Now

If you e interested in freelancing for Facebook, youre in luck. There are a number of diverse freelance jobs at Facebook hiring now! The post

18 Health Wellness and Fitness Tips for Those Who Work Flexibly

When you work flexibly, its crucial to maintain your health, wellness, and fitness. Use these 18 fantastic tips to stay in great mental and physical shape. The post

Whats the Most Important Job Search Skill for College Grads Networking

Here’s a critical message for this years college graduates: if you want to improve your odds of landing a job, you must get comfortable with networking. Here are some networking basics to master. The post

National Leave the Office Early Day Is June 1 4 Ways to Spend Your Time

In honor of taking a break, June 1 is National Leave the Office Early Day, making it the perfect excuse to take some time for yourself. Here are four ways to spend your time. The post

Job Search Success 8 Retirees Who Found Work Through FlexJobs

These days, its all about second-career acts and staying active. Just check out the inspiring stories of these eight retirees who found work through FlexJobs! The post

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