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s Hien Pham To New Head Of Social Role

Haystac has a new head of social who, admittedly, doesn look anything like Scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz.

C Saatchi Sport And Entertainment Merges With Hidden Characters

M&C Saatchi merge Sport And Entertainment with Hidden Characters which, arguably, makes it more hidden than usual.

Harry Kewell Tries To Persuade Italian Legend Andrea Pirlo To Support Socceroos In New Spot For Uber Eats

We may have been last to qualify, but the we e going to be first out if the Socceroos dont beat the Danes on Thursday.

In The Past Week

Sadly, B&T has had to pull todays article on imminent alien invasion in favour of this "fake news" piece instead.

Women In Media ProfileKirsty Bloore

Bereft of any Monday motivation? Let todays Women in Media profile be like low-current electric waves to the brain.

Ex-Ten Comms Duo Launch Shoebridge Knowles Media Group

Have you been phoning Tens comms department today with little success? Thats because theyve all buggered-off here.

Wellness And Pharma

B&Ts journos been in Cannes a mere 24-hours & already filed a first story. Yep, were in as much shock as anyone.

Bauer Unveils New Influencer Network The Associates

With a couple of extra mill in the kitty after last weeks Rebel win, Bauers already putting the cash to good use.

R Group CEO As Partner

Former Y&R CEO Phil McDonald has resurfaced. As in hes joined a new agency and not trapped in a submersible vehicle.

Nine Set To Go Sports-Free This Summer After It Fails To Snare The Tennis From From Seven

Is relentless KFC ads & Bill Lawry banging on about pigeons the soundtrack to your summer? Time for a new soundtrack.

Zenith Mobile Ad Spend To Exceed 30 By 2020

If theres one thing for sure, these Zenith reports are very rarely wrong. Well, bar the odd typo by B&T staff, that is.

The AppNexus Marketplace Launches Guaranteed Views

AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today announced the launch of Guaranteed Vie...

Sunday TV Wrap The Voice Finale Fails To Hit The Magic Million Mark

It was just a weekend of sport, sport & even more sport, wasn it? Not that Australia appeared to have won any of it.

The Ultimate And Interactive Commercial Radio Guide For 2018

Want to know whos who in Australias radio landscape? B&Ts providing the official map, if you provide the Blu-Tack.

Liberal Party Calls For ABC Privatisation

It appears the weekends Liberal Party conference had the usual suspects - unions, gays, refugees & some ABC bashing.

s Murder

Eurydice Dixons murder shocked the nation and its Aussie media figures that are now leading a renewed safety charge.

Hopeless World Cup Stream

Does anyone else think we just haven quite nailed watching sport on our phones just yet? Confirm your suspicions here.

s 65 Million Media Business

IPG’s Initiative and Dentsu’s Carat have both been awarded a slice of the West Australian government’s...

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Acclaimed Australian director Gillian Armstrong has launched a stinging attack on agency “boys’ club”...

Nine Launches Big Ideas Pop-Up Store

Australias leading title for the advertising, marketing, media and PR industriesNine has today launched a new pop-up store, The Big Ideas Store by 9Powered, which will host a series of events, worksho...

ABC Score New Six-Year Cricket Broadcast Rights Deals

The inks barely dry on this new cricket rights deal. Well, it was signed on Friday, so it is probably dry by now.

Infographic How Chatbots Are Conquering The World

It appears chatbots are set to conquer the world, and infographics are set to conquer journalists doing any real work.

How To Get Ahead Of The Curve

Does the very real fear it could be as dull as dishwater prevent you from reading AR articles? Try this sweat-free read.

Uber Is Australias Most Disruptive Brand

Uber has been voted Australias most disruptive brand, although no comment has been sought from the Stefanovic boys.

Maryna Fewster Appointed CEO Of Seven West Media WA

B&T prides itself on being first with the news out of the west. Well, perhaps not first, but definitely in the top 10.

The Saturday Paper Announces New Editor

In what could only be described as delicious irony, The Saturday Paper has used a Friday to announce its new editor.

Lion For Change

Proof B&Ts not all Robbie Williams tawdry hijinks today comes this very important campaign.

Change Is Always Hard Edelman CEO Steven Spurr

“Change is always hard” says Edelmans CEO. Although, it must be said, "Sorry always seems to be the hardest word".

Women In Media ProfileJacqueline Ingram

Todays Women in Media is a real treat, indeed. Even more so if you read it while eating cake with inch-thick icing.

Google Is Teaching Itself To See And Understand Spatial Environments

Another day, another development out of Googles evil genius lab set to control our lives & make us pay more.

t Stay Up For World Cup Opener

B&Ts own World Cup tipping is up and running with the lucky winner set to take home the $1.36 booty in cash prizes.

Adobe Posts Record Quarterly Revenue As Profit Soars 77

Do you only read B&T for potential stock market tips? Well, trust us on this one - you shouldn .

Robbie Williams In Strife After Flipping The Bird During World Cup Opener

B&T won be commenting on this unsavouriness, suffice to say thank goodness the kiddies were all tucked up in bed.

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"Teflon" Alan is looking all the more "baked-on stain" after his own barrister gave him a serve in his defamation case.

I Look Forward To Appealing Rebel Wilson To Challenge Bauers Defamation Payout Downgrade

It was one of the media stories of 2017. Its still going in 2018 and will probably be still be hanging around by 2022.

Cricket Australia Denies ABC Snub As It Finalises Radio Broadcast Rights Deal

Wed definitely listen to the cricket on the old wireless, even more so if Boy George was commentating.

News Miller Talks Aussie Media Consolidation Difficulties

News Michael Miller has stopped short of calling Bruce Gordon a prick, although possibly did it in hushed tones.

Mark Ritson Labels Publicis Groupes New Marcel Platform A Load Of Wank

Everyones favourite recalcitrant professor is back doing what he does best: a dollop of derision & a splash of scorn.

Maxmedialab Wins Social For koda And Volkswagen Commercial Australia

Maxmedialab has snared Škoda And Volkswagens social media accounts amid reports the Czech is in the mail.

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Datorama, a global technology company, today announced the launch of Data Canvas, a suite of new data visualisation capa...

C Saatchi

BIG W, the home for families, fun and entertainment, has today launched its annual toy sale campaign – Toy Mania. ...

SBS Launches Diverse Communities Content Initiative

SBS has launched the Short-Form Content Initiative, a commitment to providing increased opportunities for Australian cre...

Pac Mags Appoints New Client Strategy Director For Victoria

Seven West Media’s Pacific Magazines has announced the appointment of Emma Baston as client strategy director for Vict...

Dentsu Aegis Network Predicts Australian Ad Spend Growth Of 28

• Ad spend in Australia forecast to grow by 2.8% in 2018 , with main drivers of growth in Government, Retail, Finance ...

Saatchi Melbourne Win Global Ride-Sharing Company DiDi

Zenith and Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne have won mobile ride-share company DiDi as it prepares to launch in the Austr...

Pac Mags Home Beautiful Partners With Harvey Norman To Launch Cooks Co-Op

Home Beautiful and Harvey Norman have partnered on a new content series which will transform a quintessential Aussie she...

Study Over A third Of Brands In Australia Admit Their Marketing Is Creepy

Does your marketing department have shag carpet & a clam-shaped revolving bed? Might be time to update, says new report.

Infographic How Brands Are Using Video Marketing To Their Advantage

The great thing about the infographic is its read & done in minutes. Not this one, that appears to rival the Bible.

Building Brand Love Through Mobile Technology

Reading this article on brand love will have strangers kissing you on the street. Well, a tickle at the very least.


Nielsen has announced it has acquired Landsberry & James (L&J), a leading media analysis and software company b...

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