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s Holly Stephens

Many have likened B&Ts Remarkable Marketers series to the Eye of Sauron. Well, one reader did. And he was drunk.

Says Brilliant 30th Anniversary Trailer

Even if youve never seen Die Hard, youll get a laugh out of this. Alternatively, it may make no sense whatsoever.

Aussie Condom Company Unveils Racy Christmas Spot Aimed At The Gay Community

This ad involves fruit & vegetables. But they e very suggestive fruits & vegetables, if that sort of stuff offends.

Wellbeing New Challenges The End Of Plastic The Trends Shaping Consumer Behaviour

Why sacrifice a goat to reveal 2019s consumer trend predictions when this read will also appease the pagan gods.

s Media Account

Its bula, bula and possibly even more bula in The Hallways office today after this new business win.

s Dream Destinations

Ever get the feeling you e being watched? Well, get set to amp up the paranoia with this new out-of-home initiative.

Spotify Wraps Up 2018 With QMS

Spotify’s global ‘Wrapped’ campaign has hit Australia, with the music streaming giant exclusively taking over QMS ...

On-Demand FV Line-Up

Stuck for a gift for those hard to buy for relatives? Just in time for Christmas comes this new thingy from Freeview.

T Bootcamp Is Back For 2019

If theres a date you need to mark on your 2019 calendar, its this! And possibly your anniversary, if youre forgetful.

Peter Stefanovic Boned By Nine All Eyes Now On Karl

Peter Stefanovic has been removed by Nine, although he apparently has no plans to become an Uber driver.

Compare Prices Than Make Purchases

B&T likes to use voice recognition technology to find out about the weather. That and putting our head out the window.

The Top Five Content Marketing Trends For 2019

Its the top content marketing trends of 2019 that dont include losing weight, exercising more & giving up the fags.

BBE Acquires Video Production Company Media Creatures

B.B.E has acquired video production firm Media Creatures. And by "acquired", we mean "paid a shit load of money for".

Emotive Reveals Social To Scale Creative Process Alongside Agency Rebrand

Theres big things happening at Emotive which could possibly be made slightly clearer by reading this.

The Top 10 Most Complained About Ads Of 2018

Do you create work that irritates, annoys and ultimately gets banned? Well, find yourself among this celebrated list.

Former Seven Sales Exec To Receive 70K Payout From Old Employer After Court Stoush

Just as Seven was set to celebrate its most squeaky clean year in a long time, up bobs this disgruntled former employee.

s Today Show

Australias leading title for the advertising, marketing, media and PR industriesYes, Karl is leaving the Today show. However, reports hes set to stay in Aspen and become a ski instructor are untrue.

Partners Bowled Over With T20 Cricket World Cup Creative Win

Notice B&T used "bowled over" in this cricket headline? We also considered "caught out", "stumped" & "ball tampered".

Publishers Will Be Doing In 2019

Fear getting stuck with the boss at Christmas drinks with nothing intelligent to say? Steal from this. Or sing carols.

Woolies Team Up For Elfie Selfie At The Shelfie

Take the phenomenon thats the selfie, chuck in some chocolate & a sprinkling of elves & you get this marketing expose.

Havas Study 70 Of People Now Concerned As Levels Of Trust Plummets

If theres been an industry buzzword for 2018, it has to have been trust. Which is better than cum laude or cockapert.


We e hearing this new Bumblebee movie is very good. Although, admittedly, B&T far prefers a nice Hugh Jackman musical.

Sydney Agency Releases Soothing Video Christmas Card That Can Apparently Improve Your Health

Its claimed this ad can improve sleep, energy and weight loss. B&Ts calling bunkum, but well let the reader decide.


One need only taste B&Ts frankfurters de microwave to realise our aversion to cooking and cookbooks.

England Star For Latest Anti-Racism Campaign

If there was an international award for do-goodery in 2018, then the engraver would definitely be signing Nikes name.

s 10 Most Watched Ads Of 2018

Need to look like you e doing actual work without doing any actual work? These top YouTube ads will be just the ticket.

Marty Gain Ground In All Five Metro Markets

B&T has sliced and diced this mornings radio numbers with similar finesse to people who prune bushes to resemble dogs.

Campaign Via Interweave Group

If you thought B&Ts only running this gin ad to score a free bottle from the wonderful PR, youd be 100% on the money.

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Much like the BO of your humble cabbie on a hot day, the Ubergate scandal continues to leave an all-pervasive stench.


When flying to Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines is B&Ts preferred carrier. Look, theyre all the same when youre in cattle.

Network 10 Sends Cheeky Letter With 1 Coin Attached To Seven Following Legal Battle

Admittedly, B&T prefers an old-fashioned, bare-knuckled dust-up between the networks, but well take this.

HOYTS Makes Extra-Comfy Recliners The New Norm Of Aussie Cinema Via BWM Dentsu

If you e like B&T and cant make it through most films before dozing off, theres bad news out today.

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Here, B&T goes one-on-one with one of the US top creative thinkers. As in an interview, not Roman Greco wrestling.

Hamilton Island Unveils Pretty Pretty Brand Campaign Via The General Store

Has a certain issue involving poverty prevented you from taking a vacation this year? Live vicariously through this.

News Corp MD Of Digital Revenue Cameron King Calls It Quits After 10 Years

There were three extra party pies at News Christmas party following the shock departure of Cameron King.

s Tony Thomas

B&Ts Remarkable Marketers series is so good we were thinking of turning it into a book. But then why make extra work!

Partners Lauren Fry To Handle ATG Account

Lauren Fry jumps out of Cummins&Partners’ frying pan and into Town Squares fire after a recent appointment.

Digital Agency Luminary Scores Another Super Fund Client

Its always super when you land a new client, but youd have to say its doubly super when the client is a super client.

Online Mortgage Marketplace HashChing Goes After The Banks In New OOH Ads

Apart from Malcolm Turnbull and the NRL integrity unit, if anyones having a bad 2018, it would have to be the banks.

Digital Experiences

Isobar Australia is working with the Capital Airport Group to align its ‘every minute matters’ in-person experience ...

Sydney Airport Debuts Pop-Up In Partnership With Mamamia Podcast

Sydney Airport has unveiled an exclusive pop-up in partnership with APGP Retail and hit Mamamia podcast You Beauty at th...

Strategic Duties To AFFINITY

NSW Electoral Commission awards its creative and strategy to AFFINITY in what appears to be a big vote of confidence.

Is Killing Your Productivity

Its B&Ts latest column with goodly doc Amantha Imber, who says arsing about at work may be harming your productivity.

OMD Bolsters Queensland Trading Offering

Look, theres news out of Queensland this morning that involves neither being beautiful one day or perfect the next.

Fowl Play Today Show Forced To Apologise After Saying Coles Had Run Out Of Christmas Turkeys

Admittedly, theres been a few turkeys on the Today show this year and now comes actual turkey news.

Tourism WA Launches Tender For Creative Advertising

Tourism WA all set to tender its creative advertising. One could almost say its looking for a new Broome, really.

ll Ever See

Theres two types of people at Christmas: the "ding dong merrily on highs" & the "bah humbugs". This is for the latter.

The Monkeys Tackle Teen Pressure In OOH Campaign

This ad proves why The Monkeys was B&Ts Agency of the Year. Well, this and some other stuff it did in recent months.

Study 27 Of People Want Santa To Be A Woman Or Gender Neutral

A number of people are calling for a new, metrosexual Santa. These people clearly forgetting hes not actually real.

Quantcasts Guy Burbidge To Join Val Morgan As MD Of Cinema Advertising

Do you visit the cinema solely to watch the ads? Well, heres the man you need to be thanking for that.

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