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Are you aware of this To Be AWARE Is To CARE campaign? More to the point, do you care enough to read about it?

QLD Department Of Health Aims To Stop The Rise Of STIs

Get lucky on the weekend only to be now plagued by a mysterious itch? Rather than show colleagues, read this instead.

WhichCar TV To Launch In 2019 On Channel Ten

Bauer Media and Network Ten are proud to announce an exciting new television show for 2019 showcasing everything new car...

Goes Under 200K

We e calling todays TV ratings an intuitive microcosm of societys zeitgeist, & we have no idea what that even means.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte To Host Ten Reno Show Changing Rooms

Natalie Bassingthwaighte to host Changing Rooms! But can she sign the back of a VISA card with that long name, B&T asks?

Dendy Icon Promotes Sharon Strickland To CEO

Sharon Strickland appointed as Dendy CEO. Which is better than being appointed to Stocklands, which could be confusing.

Data Storytelling Platform Nugit Appoints Darren Jacobs To Lead Sales

Following its Australian launch, data storytelling platform Nugit has appointed Darren Jacobs as VP sales and client dev...

Social Media

Theres good news emanating out of Ten today. Theres also acrid smoke emanating after an incident with the toaster.

Getty Images Tackles Stereotyping And Generalisation Of Australians In Advertising

Wed never, ever tolerate stereotyping at B&T. Although, we do believe the Scots are tight and the English dont wash.

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B&Ts door is always open for the wonderful Dee Madigan. In fact, its open to anyone after coming off its hinges.

E Appoints Another Acting Chairman As Focus Turns To News Corps Stake

Yes, its another day, another HT&E acting chair story. Not that you even read the four we ran last week.

ABC Accuses Murdoch Of Helping Oust Turnbull

Warning: this contains name-calling, threats, innuendo & possible libel. What it needs is some rumba or razzamatazz.

McCann Names New MD For Melbourne

McCanns new Melbourne MD is promising sweeping changes. Well, at the very least delicate carpet shampoo changes.

INVNT Appoints Director Of PR And Marketing

B&T often pronounces INVNT as INVNT; however, its possibly pronounced INVNT with the emphasis on the VNT & not the IN.

History Will Be Kind Drives Growth With New Business Director

One need only look at B&Ts thinning pate and fulsome figure to know that history has, in fact, not been kind.

Tealium Partners With The Lumery

Tealium, the leader in real-time customer data orchestration solutions, and The Lumery, a full-service customer experien...

Scotch Brand Raises A Glass To Anthony Bourdain In Highly Emotive Emmys Ad

No, B&T did not cry during this highly emotional ad. Its just the office is very dusty at the moment. Thats it, dust.

The Bachelor Embroiled In Latest Meme Lesbian Stink

B&Ts outraged by this offensive meme. Sure, we laughed first & the outrage was largely faked, but outraged nonetheless.

NAB Shakes Up Marketing Department Again With New CX Division

NAB says don go looking at those awful ACCC findings when weve got this shiny new thing to look at right over here.

Liam Continue Prank Frenzy Against Boss With Brutal Bagpipe Wake-Up Call

One need only see the third-degree burns to our editors groin and rectum to know of our love of a prank here at B&T.

Why Curiosity Matters In Leadership

Corrine Armour (pictured below) is a leadership expert who helps leaders and organisations develop fearless leadership a...

Event Hires

Mango Melbourne, part of the DDB Group, has welcomed three new team members following recent business growth. Carol Laws...

The Six Types Of Meetings People Despise

Donna McGeorge (pictured below) is a speaker, author and mentor who helps people make their work work. She is also auth...

Clemenger BBDOs Exceptions To The Rule Recruitment Program Now Open

Australias leading title for the advertising, marketing, media and PR industriesThe annual search for Australia’s best and brightest talent has launched today through Clemenger BBDO’s ‘Exception...

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Mens Health is on the lookout for a new editor who presumably must have abs & make you feel bad about your drinking.

Why The Best Advisers In Organisations Lead Alongside

Bryan Whitefield (pictured below) is an independent management consultant who speaks to, facilitates for and mentors exe...

s Religious Prejudices

If you watch any ad today thats completely in Hindi, then B&T strongly advises you make it this one.

Womens Agenda Publisher Were Trying To Agitate The Status Quo

Women’s Agenda is a news site for business-minded women and is thriving under its new ownership of two such women...


As B&T says, when it comes to gawd-link hyrdolaters or a new rip-cord bottom-buffer, Repco remains your one-stop shop.

Reports Nine Eyeing Miley Cyrus As Possible Kelly Rowland Replacement On The Voice

Yes, the source of this article was Womans Day, so B&T warns its possibly highly-fabricated, unsubstantiated bollocks.

The ABC Have Rare Dead Heat

Come any Monday night & youll find B&T in only one place: in our jim-jams in front of the box. Well, there or the pub.

Target Launches New Kids Range Inspired By Nature Via AJF Partnership

They say never work with kids or animals, but at least kids don shit on the carpet & lick themselves inappropriately.

Tens Sales Leadership Team Takes Shape

Ten’s sales leadership team takes shape. Same can be said about the staff indoor cricket team, however.

Blue Post Appoints Dave Hollingsworth As Director Of Post-Production

Post-production facility Blue Post has expanded its team with the appointment of industry veteran Dave Hollingsworth as ...

Nike Celebrates Record Marathon Run With Record Turnaround For Ad Honouring It

We always love a Nike ad here at B&T, even if they have the great knack of making you feel fat, unfit and unmotivated.

Instagram Updates Its Shopping Tools

Instagram has given its shopping tools a spring clean & polish. Hence, why this comes with a slight whiff of ammonia.

Wearable Breast Pump Debuted At London Fashion Week With Hilarious Ad

B&Ts long touted our commitment to being first with wearable breast pump news. And its on full display here, readers.

Employers To Be Seen Via Clems Melbourne

The only thing B&T loves more than new work from Clems is lamingtons. More so, if theyve got jam & cream in the middle.

Misleading Advertising

B&Td never question the ACCC, but surely floury apples & the amount of air in chip packets are bigger issues than this?

Dentsu Go Head-To-Head In Fiery Outdoor Automation Debate

A lot of conferences can be bum-numbingly dull, so imagine B&Ts unbridled joy when this hullabaloo kicked off onstage.

Disrespectful Job Cuts Announcement

B&T always loathes bringing news of people losing their jobs, despite bringing more news of people losing their jobs.

s Jokes

Uranus Examiner sounds like an industry magazine for proctologists. However, as youll read here, its anything butt.

s Sports Marketing

Australias leading title for the advertising, marketing, media and PR industriesNot only has B&T stamped this news "exclusive", we also have reason to believe its actually true.

Sydney Airport Unveils OOH For New Dior Fragrance

Parfums Christian Dior Travel Retail has selected APN Outdoor and Sydney Airport for Australia’s only out-of-home ca...

Ray White Launches First Major Brand Campaign Via Indie Agency DO

Australiasia’s largest real estate group, Ray White, and Sydney-based creative agency DO have partnered to launch...

Its Not The 4Ps We Should Question Its The Quality Of Marketers

This piece is so controversial B&Ts enacting the "views expressed here are not necessarily those of the publisher".

OMA Encourage Safe Drinking

We know this about alcohol: if karaoke or a service station kebab sound noteworthy ideas, youve probably had your fill.

s Most Watched Broadcaster

A studys found the Nine-Fairfax merger could be so big itll block parts of the sun. Which is good news for melanomas.

Google Are Coming For You

B&T was front row and centre for Ritsons INFORM Summit talk on Friday, and we even have the bile splats to prove it.

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